Helping Students Reach Their Life Goals

As a community, it is our duty to help our youth prepare for adulthood. Creating education and cultural programs, we offer teens and children the opportunity to grow, build communication skills, and engage each other in ways they may not ordinarily. GEMS engages students to learn by  managing their activities in everyday life, health and making life changing decisions to assist with "Preparing for SUCCESS" both in and out the classroom!  Participating in workshops and opportunities deisgned to help prepare students for their future; encouraging a motivation to learn, and gain a positive outlook on school and healthy home environment.

Fundraising & Donation needs

Health & Well Being

Education & Literacy

Arts & Culture Diversity

Life Skills Development





Back Packs

We believe the lives of residents are connected through their community.  What happens in one neighborhood affects others and what happens in a child's life affects other children's lives and families. We operate mobile across communities in order to serve more youth and families.

Whether it's with your time, in-kind service, or monetary contributions we appreciate your generosity to help us move our programs forward. We thank you for joining us in serving to make the youth and families communities we serve have a better outlook for themselves and their futures. Our needs are, as follows:


Youth have different likes and respond differently. That is specifically why we provide varied activities. While we encourage youth to engage in new experiences, we want them to feel good about themselves and their choices.

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