ABOUT Gloria

Chief Financial Officer

Gloria Gamblin is a big picture executive and influential strategic partner with a 30-year career marked by demonstrated success in business administration and operations oversight. She has proven qualifications in financial analysis, economic strategy, and administration of nearly $1 billion budget.
She focuses on thinking strategically and beyond conventional boundaries, so she can envision the organization in the context of “what if” and “what could be.” Her professional background and MBA studies enable her to apply her unique perspective and insights to reevaluate current practices, gain a greater understanding of business decisions and their impact, and focus on the organization’s true potential.
Ms. Gamblin is highly regarded for her expertise in managing complex business issues and employing strategic, financial, and business acumen to translate organizational vision, core values, and objectives into positive financial results. She has been successful in building strong infrastructures by streamlining processes, putting the right people in place, setting high expectations, providing appropriate resources, and holding staff accountable. Over the course of her career, she has made it a point to remain ahead of business best practices, emerging trends, and legal and compliance issues.
Her strengths are in partnering with leadership and teams to uncover the operational needs of complex organizations, scrutinize existing strategies, identify gaps, and drive true paradigm shifts. She knows firsthand that operational efficiency and financial control are essential to an organization’s success, and has been a critical mobilizer in engaging key stakeholders and decision-makers to build consensus, drive action, champion support, and spearhead significant organizational change. She has been highly effective in replacing antiquated systems, fostering innovative thinking, and building multidimensional programs that result in operational turnarounds.
Most recently, Ms. Gamblin has served in several Executive Management Consultant roles. She was retained by Manzanita Middle Charter School to partner with senior leadership in determining gaps in budgeting, financial reporting, accounting, methodologies, fiscal management, and employee coaching and mentoring functions, in an effort to make significant improvements. She served as an Executive Management Consultant for Oakland Unified School District for two years and is credited with devising strategies that led to improvements in the organization’s fiscal management, budgeting, risk management, accounting, systems and infrastructure, auditing, payroll, employee benefits, human resources, coaching, and mentoring functions.
From 2002 to 2005, Ms. Gamblin was the Deputy Superintendent of Business Services at Oakland Unified School District, where she was in charge of a $700 million budget and oversaw all aspects of accounting, purchasing, contract management, payroll, food service, technology, finance, position control, and risk management functions in a district with 10,000 employees. In this role, she was successful in establishing the organization’s infrastructure and improving internal controls.
She was the Chief Financial Officer at Mt. Diablo Unified School District from 2005 to 2008, and administered a budget of more than $575 million. She earned kudos for establishing operational protocols, implementing best business practices, and supporting the fiscal services infrastructure. As Assistant Superintendent of Pittsburg Unified School District from 1994 to 2002, Ms. Gamblin served as the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, where she managed payroll and benefits and administered a $90 million budget. In this capacity, she maximized $75 million in the renovation and upgrade of 15 schools. Earlier in her career, she served as the Director of Finance for Martinez Unified School District.
Ms. Gamblin is obtaining an Executive MBA, Leadership, Business Administration, and Economics degree at St. Mary’s College of Moraga, CA. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Holy Names University in Oakland, CA.